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I’ve found it, the perfect summer coat. But why a coat for summer? Let me explain.

How often do you leave the house on a bright, warm & sunny morning, only for the weather to turn? While it may not be freezing cold, a chilly wind may come up, or, if you live in JHB, an afternoon thunderstorm may hit. Perhaps you work in an office with the aircon set on freezing, or you simply want a lightweight summer coat to throw over your outfit – one that will pull your look together and give it some polish.

This one, called the kali shawl collar jacket R1 499,00 by Sitting Pretty fits the bill.

It’s made using 100% linen and has a kimono type vibe and is unlined and oversized with ¾ sleeves and roomy, deep pockets. I opted for the neutral colour, but it’s also available in rust, dusty pink and black.

I love that it made using linen – the quintessential summer fabric. Because it’s a natural fibre, it’s breathable and super absorbent.

Linen is also very stable and won’t lose its shape after washing. In fact, after every wash, linen just becomes softer.

But what about the wrinkles? Look, if your style is all about sleek, starched shirts and smoothed out skirts, maybe linen is not the fabric for you. No judgement – each to their own. However, linen is a more sustainable fabric and, if cared for properly, lasts (and looks great) for years.

I’ve paired mine with another beautiful item from Sitting Pretty, namely the Kivu loose midi dress that retails for R1499,99 and is also available in white.

I just adore the loose, unstructured fit that hides my non-existent waist. You could absolutely cinch in the waist with a belt too, I just prefer not to. The dress has a ladder lace detail next to the buttons, a mandarin collar, elbow-length raglan sleeves, a gathered back and a hem that falls slightly lower at the back. It’s little details like these that add interest.

Sitting pretty is a Cape Town based clothing brand that was founded in 2009. The brand creates simple and relaxed pieces that are characterized by lightweight, loose cuts that offer the wearer an understated, urban sophistication. What I love most about the brand is their ethical brand philosophy. Sitting Pretty uses mostly natural and environmentally friendly fabrics like linen, organic cottons and hemp. Each item is beautifully made, and care & respect are given to those who make the garments. Everything is designed and manufactured in Cape Town.

I sat down with owner of Sitting Pretty, Emma Longden, to ask her a few questions about the brand.

  • What are the 3 most important things you’d like people to know about your brand?

We manufacture locally, ethically and we only use natural fabrics, absolutely no synthetics.

  • What motivated Sitting Pretty towards sustainable fashion, and why is sustainability so important for you?

When I got into the fashion industry I knew absolutely nothing about fast fashion. On my journey, I slowly became aware of the harm that the industry was doing to the people who work for it, and to the environment. I then rebranded and created using ethical principles, taking steps towards become more sustainable as we grew. Fast fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter on the planet, so it’s imperative that we change our ways with regards to consumption and how we spend our money.

  • What inspired you to start Sitting Pretty?

I grew up in Zimbabwe, wearing mostly vintage clothing, altering and adjusting the style to my liking. Eventually, I also started designing and making clothes for myself. I produced a line of African print clothing when I was studying, and then years later whilst traveling, I was inspired to start the brand.

  • Where would you like to see the South African fashion industry – both designers & consumers – 10 years from now?

I hope to see consumers realise the importance of buying ethical, sustainable and local brands. I also hope to see designers making use of natural fabrics and moving away from synthetics completely.

You can shop Sitting Pretty online at or, if you’re based in cape town, pop into their new store in the gardens centre on the first floor, next to Le Creuset, near the Woolworths on the same level.